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Tax Services 

Tax laws are constantly changing and good professional advice is hard to find. Our team of experts work with companies of all sizes in a broad range of fields to help tailor solutions to your company. Let Asrani CPA tackle the details especially when it comes to your taxes. We offer tax preparation services and assistance for individuals and small to medium sized businesses. We create custom solutions to best meet the needs of your growing business. Our team will work with you year-round to help minimize taxes and maximize  profits.

We specialize in:tax-1351881_1280

  • Corporate Income Tax Returns
  • Personal Income Tax Returns
  • Self Employed Tax Returns
  • Non-Resident Tax
  • HST
  • WSIB
  • Employer Health Tax
  • Payroll Tax.

Businesses must keep on top of changes to avoid costly government assessments, and ensure they are taking advantage of the maximum refund opportunities. At Asrani CPA, we are constantly monitoring legislative changes to help businesses manage these taxes and provide planning opportunities to minimize sales tax costs.

We can help businesses operating in Canada in the following areas:

  1. Compliance obligations ― ensuring accurate and timely remittance of sales tax returns , assisting in preparing voluntary disclosures, reviewing processes for claiming input tax credits and input tax refunds
  2. Assisting in the preparation of technical interpretations or ruling requests to the taxation authorities on sales tax matters
  3. Reviewing sales tax procedures to identify recovery opportunities
  4. Conflict resolution ― providing guidance and support in government sales tax audits, including negotiations with government authorities and preparation of notices of objections
  5. Due diligence reviews for sales tax issues
  6. Staff training on sales tax rules and procedures to businesses operating in Canada

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