Small Business Accounting

Accounting Services in Ontario.

Asrani CPA provides accounting services to small and medium-sized businesses throughout Ontario. We combine the quality and expertise of a large firm with the welcoming and dynamic personality of a small business. Whether you’re looking for on-demand accounting support or a complete solution that includes small business tax services, bookkeeping, payroll services, and training, we can help. Contact us today for a free estimate.

Ontario Accountants for Small Businesses.

Asrani CPA is fully-equipped to meet the diverse accounting needs of our clients. We prepare detailed financial statements and explain their results so you can make better business decisions. Below is an overview of our small business accounting services in Ontario.


Our monthly reporting service provides you with consistent, timely, and concise information about your results. We also prepare and/or review annual financial statements intended for the following recipients:

  • Canada Revenue Agency or related provincial agency

  • Compliance agencies or authorities responsible for enforcing statutory requirements
  • Lending institutions such as banks and credit unions
  • Shareholders, managers, and other key stakeholders
We deliver expertise

We can provide you with Notice to Reader reports when needed.

Our small business accounting services in Ontario include client empowerment features. With our tools, you will be able to save time with recordkeeping and administration, while ensuring that your records are organized and complete.


We ensure that your business complies with government requirements and meets all filing deadlines. Your employees will be paid for all hours worked and the deductions both accurately calculated and remitted on time.

Competitive Insights

To operate effectively, you need convenient access to reliable, professional accounting solutions. We will always ensure you get the financial information you need when you need it. We are also fully committed to understanding the current market conditions in your industry. Using this information, we can determine your competitive position in your field and highlight areas for improvement.

Flexible Accounting Services for Growing Businesses

We know that your business is unique and that its accounting needs will evolve as it grows. Asrani CPA can create a service package designed to scale along with the company, ensuring that your accounting needs are always covered. For more information or to speak to a tax accountant, call our office today!


Accounting Isn’t All We Do

In addition to providing tax advice and helping with your year-end reporting, we offer the services that keep you on strong financial footing year-round, including:

  • Small business taxes
  • Quarterly analysis of your company’s financial performance
  • Assistance with cash flow and budget monitoring
  • Bookkeeping

Whether you are a new business or an already-thriving enterprise, Asrani CPA can take care of your finances so you can focus on doing what you do best - growing your company. Remember: we’re small business owners just like you!

Do You Need Small Business Accounting Services in Ontario?

To us, you’re more than a client. We want to be partners in your success. As a locally-owned and operated financial services company, we use our skills and experience to help you develop and manage your business objectives. No matter what your needs are, we will provide you with the personalized services and expertise that you and your business deserve. To get a free, no-obligation estimate, please call (416) 561-4041.

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